Kylie and Kendall Jenner Sell $125 T-Shirts Of Their Instagram Pictures Superimposed Over 2Pac and Biggie

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PAPERKendall and Kylie’s new klothing line has been taking the e-commerce world by storm, but the addition of their vintage “rock” tees, for which the superstar sisters superimposed their picture and initials over the faces of beloved music legends, immediately garnered a whole heap of online backlash.

Each of the t-shirts go for $125 a pop.

The Internet came down swift and hard on the choices, particularly the reproduction of Tupac and Biggie’s photographs, which serve as backgrounds for a screenshot of Kylie on vacation in Costa Rica and Kendall in massive hoop earrings.

This is such an outrageously disrespectful move that I think I may actually have to respect Kendall and Kylie for doing it?  And there are very, very few things to respect the Jenner/Kardashian family for.  But this one…this is something.  There are so many problematic elements here all blended together that it’s simply amazing – vanity, narcissism, cultural appropriation, desecration of idols, price gouging.   The list could go on.  Kylie took an image of arguably the most iconic rapper of all time and superimposed a photo of her popping out of the pool on vacation on fucking Instagram.  Including the caption!  Incredible.

And I’ll tell you what – it didn’t go over well!

To be fair, Kendall has ALWAYS said Tupac is “her spirit animal” (1:45)…

…so it checks out.

And it wasn’t just the images of iconic rappers who were desecrated here:

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I bet Metallica will be stoked.  Probably going to make it look like they let Napster off easy after this one.