Reporter Confuses Samuel L Jackson For Laurence Fishburne Because He Thinks All Black People Look Alike



Of all the black people to confuse for another black person Samuel Jackson has to be the scariest right? Like I know Pulp Fiction was just a movie but the minute that reporter fucked up all I could think about was Jules Winnfeld saying “What does Marcellus Wiley Wallace look like? Does he look like a bitch?” and then shooting everyone in the face. Samuel L doesn’t play that game you stupid fucking idiot. And I’m 99.9% sure that when the reporter said “It probably wouldn’t be very hard to get someone to sit right here” and Samuel L replied “Ohhhh HELLLLLL NOOOO” that was code for I’m going to have your ass in a dumpster by sundown.




Love the look, “Oh fuck, I did it again didn’t I?”