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Malik Monk Will Miss Orlando Summer League With Ankle Injury


I’m always fascinated with the NBA Summer League. Does it mean anything? No. But, we get a chance to at least see the rookies play at the next level and a handful of guys you remember from college fighting to make roster spots. Throw in the fact there are more contracts available thanks to the two-way contract that’s instituted for the first time ever this year and it becomes even more entertaining.

There are three summer leagues starting with Orlando (eight teams), Utah (four teams) and then the big one in Las Vegas. We won’t get to see one of the bigger names from the NBA Draft playing this summer though as the Hornets announced that Malik Monk will miss not only the Orlando Summer League but also the summer training camp due to an sprained left ankle injury suffered during the NBA Draft workout process. Monk was the 11th pick – falling a couple of spots from where he was expected to go (no, don’t think the minor ankle injury played that big of a role here) after being an All-American during his one year at Kentucky. Rehab is scheduled to take 2-4 weeks and Monk is expected to be ready for the start of training camp heading into the regular season.

The one thing to watch here if there are any effects after rehab. Monk is a player who relies on his athleticism to not only finish at the rim, but to get his shot off. He has a strong first step and uses his jumping ability to rise up over opponents on his jumper. As someone who doesn’t necessarily kill people with a ton of moves off the bounce to get to the rim, it’s vital that this ankle injury stays minor. As of now he’s the only major rookie to announce he won’t be participating in one of the summer leagues.

Nope, not mad he’s not a Knick or anything. Not sitting here watching these highlights imagining him and Kristaps out there together.

Not me at all.