Belichick and Linda Holiday Just Produced the Magazine Cover to End All Magazine Covers

Belichick Linda Nantucket

Holy moly. That is how you announce your presence with authority. You notice a rash lately of your roster of Alpha Male players taking scorching hot photos with their smokeshow women? You do what any Apex Predator should do. You pose for a RomCom movie poster-quality shot for the cover of Nantucket magazine and remind them who rules their ecosystem.

Whoa. Cleanup in aisle Thornton! Look at those smoldering eyes. That confident smile. The perfectly pH-balanced hair without a strand out of place. And Linda Holliday has never looked better, either. This is how you age gracefully. Cheek to cheek with a gorgeous MILF and in a suit that makes Sinatra look like a hobo.

Simply put, this is how you literally show your players who’s boss. Even world class swordsmen like Brady, Amendola, Edelman, Kyle Van Noy can’t compete with that. America’s winningest team, indeed.

Belichick Linda Nantucket2

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