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Catching Up With The Bulls




Quick roundup of what you may have missed the last week or so while we all remember that Lakers fans are douchebags.



-Probably why this Lakers fan was so angry


Can’t get more demoralizing than that. Jo basically admitting he has the ugliest shot in the world and they still can’t stop it.







You see that, that right there is the definition of no-man’s land. Too good to be bad, too bad to be good.

Also, while we’re on the standings, my Bucks over 32.5 wins is looking quite strong.



-DJ Augustin told the Sun Times he’d like to return

(Source) The good news is Augustin wants to return and seems ready to give the Bulls a bit of a discount, considering they took him off the unemployment line in December after he was waived by the Toronto Raptors and helped him resurrect his career. ‘‘I’m definitely thankful for the opportunity Chicago gave me,’’ Augustin said. ‘‘You remember things like that, just that they gave me a chance. And then once I got here, coach Thibs [Tom Thibodeau] has given me a chance to play a lot of minutes, so it’s worked out well for me. You’re thankful for that.’’ Just how thankful is yet to be determined.


This is actually great news if the Bulls can make it happen. DJ Augustin has been great. He’s the perfect backup point guard. Kirk is all but done and with the Rose questions always hovering he’s exactly what this team needs next year.


-Nikola Mirotic won the the Copa Del Ray MVP. By all accounts this kid is going to be real deal and a great asset for the Bulls going forward, hopefully this is the least international award he wins.



If you’ve never seen him play here’s a little mix tape set to an AWFUL song.



He’s been compared to a better version of Ryan Anderson and if that’s even half true it would be a huge add for the Bulls next year.



-Trade rumors for Melo are starting to circulate.



(Source) According to sources inside the Chicago Bulls organization, the team has been in discussions with the New York Knicks over the last couple of weeks regarding a trade for Carmelo Anthony. The two sides have been rumored to have interest, but according to this report the talks have already been going on for the past couple of weeks. It will be very interesting to see if the Bulls are able to work out a trade with the Knicks before the trade deadline passes. The report states that the Bulls would be giving up Carlos Boozer, Kirk Hinrich, Tony Snell, Jimmy Butler, and likely a first round pick as well. In return, Chicago would receive Carmelo Anthony, Raymond Felton, and Iman Shumpert. Obviously this is a huge trade that would change the future of both teams dramatically. Chicago is still able to compete with some of the good teams in the NBA despite missing Derrick Rose, and adding Carmelo Anthony might very well be the move that keeps their season alive.




As I said a couple of weeks ago I’d be in big favor of this. Give me Melo, Noah, and a healthy Rose and I like where the Bulls are going.



-ABC forgot who D-Rose was




Probably not a good thing.



– Boozer complained about not playing in 4th quarters because he can’t play defense and everyone knows that except Carlos Boozer.

“I think I should be out there, but it’s (Thibodeau’s) choice,” Boozer said at Monday’s morning shootaround at Sleep Train Arena. “I play. I don’t coach. But honestly, he’s been doing that a lot since I’ve been here, not putting me in in the fourth quarter. Sometimes we win, more times than not we don’t.”



And there it is, that’s where we are. Basically everyone is looking to next year while still watching a team that is good enough to be in the playoffs but not good enough to make any noise. In the words of Thibs, just gotta stay up.