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An 80-Year-Old Woman Fought Off A Rabid Bobcat With A Garden Sickle

Portland Press Herald- An 80-year-old New Hampshire woman fought off a rabid bobcat with the help of her two dogs and her gardening sickle.

Elsie Dabrowski says she was gardening Sunday at her Sunapee home when the animal attacked, biting her face, arm and back. She says her only thoughts at the moment were “why is this stupid cat attacking me?”

Dabrowski tried to fight off the bobcat with a sickle, but it was ultimately fended off by her dogs. Her adult son heard the commotion and rushed outside with a shotgun, which he used to kill the bobcat. The animal carcass tested positive for rabies.

Dabrowski needed over 50 stitches to close her wounds, but she says she feels thankful it wasn’t worse.

Three cheers for the ageless Elsie Dabrowski. Tending to her chicken coop and weeding before bed, just finishing the chores required to maintain a 90-acre property at 80-years-old. Holy hell, can we get this woman a fucking gardener? This is old-school, old-person tough. You’d think she’d be wired to an oxygen tank, watching the oxygen network, surrounded by an assisted-living staff that plays “dead or napping?” all day long. But not Elsie. Fending off rabid bobcats and the grim reaper with his own weapon.

We shouldn’t give her all the credit though. Apparently the bobcat was brought to justice with the help of her 5 dogs?! How many animals does she interact with on a daily basis? The news story said she’s had encounters with bears, moose, and coyotes. Is she building an ark? Take it easy lady. Enjoy these twilight years; they’re over before you know it. It would almost be a shame if Elsie passed on from natural causes. She either deserves to live forever or to die going 12 rounds with a pterodactyl.

PS- it’s women like this that are the reason we won WWII. Sure, she was 8 when it ended. But I picture 8-year-old Elsie down in the factory welding tank shells and lighting her cigarettes with a blow torch. Each night she comes home and eats a loaf of hearty bread with bacon grease for dinner before tucking her children in to bed.