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Obama Vs. Trump In NBA 2k17 May Be The Most Entertaining Basketball Of The Year

I don’t care what your politics are, this was A+ stuff. Not only the gameplay, but the rap, too. Bars on bars on bars. No wonder eSports are the next greatest thing on the horizon. Overall, this was clearly a better production than anything this year’s NBA Finals had to offer. Even though it’s tough Trump got a raw deal. I mean, come on. Trump is an old frumpy bastard, but Obama ain’t no Jordan out there in real life.

OK. He’s not as bad as that gif makes him seem. Obama is not on Sandy Lyle’s level. But I guess it’s rough having your entire basketball game ripped apart for life by one random clip, eh? Tough tits, Barry. If I’m going to hell I’m taking every President who balls down with me.

Regardless, creating custom designed players have been a video game pasttime since the days of early Madden. It was always a decent time making a Frankenstein beast 7’0, 400 lbs with 99’s across the board then calling it a HOF career. Now you can basically make whoever you want in any video game possible. And here I thought spending hours making my gaming doppleganger’s head shape somewhat realistic. Can’t wait to “waste” eons away pointlessly making the entire Process come to life in the virtual wrestling world for no reason whatsoever. Still worth it.