A Czech Power Plant Had A Bikini Contest And These Chicks Are All Blue Collar Rockets


Czech chicas in the motherfuckin’ house!

Is this the hottest work environment in history? I know it’s not exactly PC to blame chicks for a dangerous workplace but I’m not sure if it’s safe to operate heavy machinery around these ladies either. Shouldn’t be using forklifts after drinking alcohol, taking prescription medication, or catching a glimpse of a babe, you know what I’m saying? Just not enough blood to keep the brain operating at full capacity.

In all my years I never would’ve guessed that Czech power plants pumped out this kind of electricity. Call me a cynic but I never thought of blue collar jobs bringing in smokes like moths to a flame. Especially in the Czech Republic. I don’t know too much about it there but I always assumed that in Eastern Europe attractive girls go into a special school for sex workers when they reveal themselves to have potential. Is that ignorant? Sure. Is it a crazy thought? You bet. Is is crazier than assuming a bunch of hot women work at the power plant? Not on your life, pal.