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I Want To Go On The Record That I Don't Trust NBC And Any Of Their Olympic Coverage




This was allegedly “live” this morning.



I don’t want to come across as a conspiracy nutball here but I want to go on the record as saying I don’t trust anything that is coming out of Sochi. Not a single thing.  Live coverage, taped primetime stuff, Russian propaganda, Bob Costas in his fortress of solitude




which I’m 99% sure is just a studio in New Jersey.  None of it. I love the Olympics just as much as the next guy but this time zone shit is complete crap. Why not just run the events in the middle of the night in Russia so the real world can watch it live at normal times? Wouldn’t that make the most sense? Or is Putin and all the NBC execs scared because then we’ll all figure out everything in Sochi is fake and tape delayed? Just makes you think is all. If you aren’t watching these games with a skeptical eye you’re about to be wildly disappointed. People called Carl Everett crazy when he said he didn’t believe in dinosaurs because he never saw any with his own two eyes but maybe we were all the crazy ones for ever doubting him.