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CJ Fiedorowicz Just Owned Johnny Football On The Twitter Machine (UPDATE: Fake Twitter account. I'm an idiot)


Boom!  Former Iowa tight end just lobbing Twitter grenades at Johnny Manziel.  Gotta love that type of moxy.  Jerry wrote a Patriots TE draft preview a couple days ago and said CJ would probably go in the 3rd or 4th round.  Jerry said the Patriots would pick him and had this to say:

A big, aggressive, powerful TE with the strength to run block and the surprising quickness to get open up the seam and catch passes who’s stood up to the best in the country? And who’ll drop to the 2nd round? Fiedorowicz is a family of crazy drunken brothers going Shirtless O’Clock in nightclubs away from being Gronk 2.0. Assuming Fiedorowicz passed the “Say… you wouldn’t like, kill anybody, would you?” part of the interview, he’s the choice. You heard it here first.

Well that was before CJ was flashing cash and throwing shots at Johnny Football.  No way he drops to the 2nd round now.  Now I’d have him going no later than early in the first round.  No, he’s not the most talented.  He’s more of a blocking tight end than a play maker.  But this latest evidence can’t be ignored.  Sometimes the intangibles have to outweigh the tangibles.  CJ just turned the whole NFL Draft on it’s head with that picture.  Mass chaos in front offices right now.  That overwhelming odor you’re smelling is every GM in the NFL uncapping their dry erase markers and completely starting over with their draft boards.

If you weren’t convinced by the picture above, glance at one more and we’ll see how you feel after that.

fied tigher

Mother fucking tiger face paint!  Start getting that guy’s HOF jacket ready.  He’s the real deal.

UPDATE: So it turns out the @CJFiedorowicz Twitter account is fake.  The shot at Johnny Football is fake.  Egg on my face.  Of the stories I posted today I would’ve thought, if any of them were fake, it might be the politician who threatened to the blow the balls off his sister’s killer with a glock.  I was wrong.