Does This Look Like Baby Jesus? Kim Kardashian West Seems To Think So

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I dont usually care what the Kardashian-West family does, but I’m all in on the dog name debate.

You see, I’m torn here. I like unconventional dog names. I think you gotta go either really unconventional or you gotta name your dog a super common human name.

I like names like Fred, Rodger, Bill, and Gus for dogs. Susan is a great name for a female dog. I refuse to call female dogs bitches, even though science would like me to, because I’m too woke for that.

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The name Cutie Pie fucking sucks.

Goldie stinks too.

I guess I could get behind Peachie Pop but I wouldn’t like it and it would just cement that this dog is little, entitled bitch. With a name like Peachie Pop, she would be struttin her ass inside a stupid handbag and barking the whole time she is on a flight to the Caymans. Can’t have that.

Sushi is ok. I could live with it. I could live without it. If you wanna name your dog sushi, you gotta go with a specific type of roll. Rainbow Roll. Dragon Roll. Spicy Tuna. Not just sushi. It’s too broad.

Which leads us to Baby Jesus. It’s a fantastic name. I love it. That’s why I voted for it. It’s a great name for a young puppy but it’d be an even better name for an older dog.

“There goes Baby Jesus. She’s like 11 years old but still enjoys her daily walk around the neighborhood. For over a decade now, Baby Jesus has been chasing squirrels, and one of these days, she’s gonna get one. Go, Baby Jesus! Get that squirrel, you old bitch!”