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Nobody Was More Butt Hurt About Nico Hischier Getting Drafted 1st Overall Than Don Cherry


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I’ve mentioned this before but every time you see Don Cherry tweet out a “twitdoc” link, you know you’re in for a treat. You know that Grapes has something serious to say when you can’t contain his thoughts in 140 characters. So after Nico Hischier was drafted 1st overall by the New Jersey Devils last night, Donny Boy put those thoughts into words and typed out this xenophobic masterpiece that only everybody’s favorite Canadian grandfather could come up with.

via Don Cherry

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Don Cherry









Good Ol’






If it were up to Don Cherry, nobody besides Canadians would be allowed to play in the NHL. And I gotta be honest. I don’t blame the guy. He’s right. The best players in the world are from Canada. There are some great hockey players from the United States. Some great hockey players from Russia and Sweden and Finland and all the other Eastern European countries that change names every 15 years. But that twitdoc rant he went on was strictly facts only. Canadians run the league and the Devils decided to go out and take a kid from Switzerland 1st overall. If anybody thought that would bode over well with Donny C, you clearly haven’t been keeping up.

So good on Don Cherry for having his beliefs and sticking to them. He doesn’t give a damn what the PC pussies in the Hockey Twitter universe think. He wants a league full of Canadians (the English speaking kind) and he’s not afraid to say it. You got a problem with it? You can shove it up your ass.