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Mets Fan Almost Drops His Baby Catching A Foul Ball, Mother Rips The Kid Out Of His Arms

I always joke around about how the Mets have ruined my life but I think the Mets have literally ruined this man’s life. I think she probably served him divorce papers by the final out and when they go to court to decide custody she’s just gonna show the judge this video and its a wrap. When that little girl is like 6 and she asks why she never sees her daddy you can just tell her its Jay Bruce’s fault.

I’ve never watched someone lose custody of their kids in real time but it was honestly quite fascinating. The progression of emotions was like a 4 act play. (1) Joy and sense of accomplishment from that catch instantly turning into (2) confusion as to why his wife isnt excited he came up with that ball morphing into (3) the realization that he was absolutely fucked for the rest of his life during every argument they ever have, and ending with (4) the desperate attempt to apologize and take the kid back. Annnnnd scene. Its the plight of every man when they do something they shouldnt with their kid. Those moments were you forget about your child and responsibilities as a dad and just want to be a regular human again and you’ll hear about it for eternity from your wife. You could be arguing about anything and she’ll be like “Remember the time you almost drop Lucy on her head and broke her neck to catch a stupid ball????”

To be honest this just shows me this guy is a fantastic multitasker. Did he drop the kid? No. He made the play. We can play the What Ifs and run through all sorts of hypotheticals of what could have happened or we can look at what did happen. The kid is safe and he caught the ball. If that was a member of the actual Mets that kid is dead and they make an error on the play. How about some respect for this Dad, huh?