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LaVar Ball's Draft Interviews Last Night Were Pure Electricity

Now THAT is how you cut a WWE promo. Big Baller style. LaVar needs to take some of that BBB money and make an entrance song and a Titan Tron video for himself. He has two more kids that could get drafted, so he isn’t going anywhere for a while. He already has the entrance walk down pat.

And the ability to play the crowd.

Everyone would have clowned LaVar if Lonzo didn’t end up a Laker. But he did, just like LaVar said he would. That BBB hat was probably printed as Lonzo was getting his umbilical cord cut. LaVar also made sure his teeth matched the color of Lonzo’s home yellow jersey, gingivitis be damned.


And I can’t wait until the Big Baller formal wear is made available to the public. Anything less than $100 is an absolute steal.



Joseph A. Banks is shaking in his boots. Men’s Wearhouse is about to throw in another dozen free suits when you purchase one.

I honestly don’t understand why people hate LaVar ball so much. The dude is as true a showman as we have in 2017. Yeah he says ridiculous, outlandish shit all the time. But if you take him as a character instead of as a serious person, these types of videos are so much fun. The people that hate LaVar are probably the same people that were booing The Rock back in the day. Yes I realize there are some people that love watching basketball for the teamwork and camaraderie and blah blah blah. But I watch it for entertainment. The threes, the dunks, the no-look passes, the cock punches, the Instagram fights, and so on. If you want the three man weave and teamwork, watch Hoosiers. Give me the guy that willed his son to becoming a Laker by sheer mental fortitude and can unleash an A++++ “C’mon son” look.


When your dad guarantees you are going to lead a young Lakers team to the playoffs in a tough Western Conference your rookie year.


And then NBA players around the league start putting bounties on your head.




This is LaVar Ball’s world. We are all just living in it. Whether Lonzo likes it or not.