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This Stephen A. Smith Clip About Phil Jackson Is The Exact Medicine Knicks Fans Need Right Now

Well you know what? All of the anger and sadness and uncertainty from Phil’s interview last night just washed away. I’ve watched this video 10 times and cracked up every single time. On my way to HQ today you could feel a tenseness in the air. Terrified of a Woj Bomb dropping to cause pandemonium in the streets. Gotham must have felt like this when The Joker was reigning terror in The Dark Knight as that ringing sound kept blaring in the background. But this video makes everything better. I usually hate fuck out of Stephen A. Smith and the hot take industry, but I have to tip my cap. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and Stephen A. is truly great at what he does (which is saying drug names in a funny voice).

And yes, my overworked heart jumps every time I receive a Woj Twitter notification on my phone.