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You Have To Be The Biggest Loser In The World To Spend Your Day Running Out A Message On Google Maps

Is this a thing? I hope to fucking God this isn’t a thing. People running around cities spelling out Google Map messages so they can then show everyone how far they ran? Get the fuck out of here. This is one of those times where we have TOO much technology. Like the kid who tweeted out that he married his sister.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.05.28 PM

Or two girls one Cup, or finding out Ken Bone is in to pregnant porn, or Ken Bone in general. I love the internet, it’s my lifeblood, it’s where I make my livelihood, but if you spend your day running out a message to an NBA team that no one cares about then you suck. Not to mention can’t you just Photoshop a message on to Google Maps and say you ran? It’s like Goodwill Hunting. You dropped 10 hours and 50 miles on a fuckin’ google map you could have got with a free version of MS Paint.