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Leo Had To Give Up $12 Million In Paintings Given To Him By The Malaysian Prime Minister

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Yahoo - Leonardo DiCaprio has voluntarily surrendered several works of art worth millions of dollars and an Oscar statuette that once belonged to Marlon Brando to the U.S. Government, as part of its ongoing investigation into a money laundering operation connected to Malaysian prime minister Najib Razak.

The surrendered items include: a Picasso painting, “Nature Morte au Crane de Taureau,” valued at more than $3 million; a Basquiat collage, “Redman One,” valued at at least $9 million; a Diane Arbus photograph valued at $750,000; and the Oscar Brando won for his performance in “On the Waterfront.”

The paintings and photograph were reportedly gifts from Malaysian financiers connected to Riza Aziz, co-founder of Red Granite Pictures, the outfit that produced the DiCaprio-starring “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The Justice Department has been investigating whether Aziz assisted Prime Minister Razak, his father-in-law, in embezzling more than $4 billion. Some of that money was used to finance Red Granite, and several of the company’s films.


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Zoolander should have killed that guy when he had a chance. Unbelievable. He embezzled 4 billion dollars, and then used that money to finance movies like “Wolf of Wall Street”. Poetic, really.

Absolutely sucks for Leo though. Giving up gifts is the worst thing ever. Those rich ass Malaysians were giving Leo 12 million dollars in gifts, all willy nilly, no big deal. Those people have so much money, they are tossing Leo some random Picassos and Red Man One, a 9 million dollar painting

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And now Leo had to give them to the FBI. Pretty lame. Unfair! Leo earned/was illegally given those paintings in a money laundering scheme fair and square.

And what is the Justice Department going to do with these paintings and Marlon Brando’s Oscar anyway? They might as well let Leo keep them, they’ll look a lot better on his walls than in some Justice Department storage facility.

PS: I overlooked that they embezzled 4 billion dollars. 4 BILLION!!! At what point do you decide 2 billion isn’t enough, 3 billion isn’t enough, you need 4 billion dollars. Balls hanging so low you have to respect it.