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Get Ready For A Bat Shit 72 Hours Coming Up In The NHL

2017 NHL Combine

If there’s anybody out there who is just deciding to get into hockey right now, Bob McKenzie is the Adam Schefter/Adrian Wojnarowski of the NHL. He also enjoys crushing margaritas at his cottage in the summer so he’s an 1st ballot Hall Of Famer Dude all around. Anyway, Bobby Margaritas was up at like 5am ripping through a rapid fire thread of tweets this morning. Which was actually 2am considering he’s in Vegas for the NHL Awards. So either Bob McKenzie was just getting back to his hotel and decide to drunk tweet through all of his rumors. Or he’s just the most dedicated insider on the planet. Or a little bit of both. I’ll go with the last option.

But when you look at some of the shit he was saying this morning, it’s clear that today, tomorrow and Friday are going to be chaos in the NHL.

He then goes on to rattle off about 50 different possible deals Vegas has in place with different teams throughout the league to go easy on them in the Expansion Draft.

So here’s what we’re dealing with. As of right now, the Vegas Golden Knights have submitted their final roster to the league. The picks have been made and their roster is set. It won’t be announced until later tonight at the NHL Awards unless there are any leaks between now and then. I’m sure we’ll get at least one or two as we get closer to the actual release but I have to imagine most teams will stay pretty tight-lipped about this.

So no matter what, every team will be losing at least one player today. Moving on from tonight, the trade-freeze will be lifted at 8 tomorrow morning. And Uncle Bob says that teams are ready to fucking wheel and fucking deal once the freeze is lifted. GMs will have all of tomorrow and Friday morning to get deals made before the NHL Entry Draft .

Oh yeah, the Entry Draft starts on Friday night. We’ve barely talked about that yet this week because of how much attention is focused on the Expansion Draft. So we’ll have an Expansion Draft revealed tonight. A shit ton of trades to go down tomorrow. An Entry Draft on Friday. And that’ll all lead us into Free Agency starting next Saturday. It’s going to be confusing as hell, nobody is going to know exactly what is going on, and it’s going to be glorious. Chaos at its finest. Which is perfect for idiots like myself who can just sling out take after take after take because anybody’s guess is just as good/bad as the others at this point. It evens the playing field. And I’m ready to get some tick.

Unless, of course, this is all hyped up and we’ll see maybe a handful of minor deals made swapping 4th round draft picks. Now that I wrote this blog and actually think about it, I’m 100% prepared for disappointment.