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Dumpster Fire Of A Woman Goes Viral For Refusing To Get Treatment For Her Son Until He Can See A White Doctor

CTV NewsVideo of a woman demanding a “white doctor” for her son at a walk-in clinic in Mississauga, Ont. has gone viral, sparking outrage across the country.

The video, which was recorded by a witness and posted online, shows the woman repeatedly demanding to see a white doctor in a four-minute argument with staff and patients at the clinic.

“I would like to see a white doctor,” the woman says at the beginning of the video, to a member of the clinic staff in the waiting room. Her son, who appears to be approximately eight years old, can be seen sitting quietly beside her.

“You’re telling me there’s not one white doctor in this whole entire building?” she says.

The clinic staffer can be heard explaining that a white pediatrician will be in at 4 p.m., but this does not appear to satisfy the woman. She continues to complain, claiming that she waited five-and-a-half hours to see a “brown doctor” whom she says did not help her child with his chest pains.

“His teeth were brown. I do not need his help,” she says in the video.

“Oh my God, what type of horrible country do I live in?” she says in the video. “Being a white person in this country, I should just shoot myself.”

Shout out to the internet for always being such a useful tool in helping us as a society identify the true trash among us.  This woman could have gone on and on for the rest of her life quietly being a true garbage pit of humanity, polluting the Earth one person at a time with her racism and bigotry, and only the non white person in her line of fire would ever hear about it.  Now she has the pleasure of going viral and the whole world gets to see what a human dumpster fire looks like!   And, no surprise, the stories instantly poured in – two former friends saying she used to constantly harass their 3 black sons, neighbors saying she would yell the N word at 3 and 5 year old kids in the neighborhood, police involved both times.  Sounds like…well, the type of person who would let their son sit for hours in a clinic in pain refusing treatment from certified doctors because her stance on skin color takes precedence.

Imagine if her son just dropped dead in the waiting room?  If he started convulsing and was running out of air and desperately needed medical attention immediately?  If I was a doctor at that clinic that was anything other than white I would grab a snack out of the break room, pull up a seat, cross one leg over the other and just casually munch on that motherfucker with a smirk on my face.  But then again I’m a spiteful son of a bitch.  I bet those doctors – even the brown ones! – would instantly do everything they could to help.  Hippocratic Oath and all that bullshit.