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Dwight Howard's Hometown Team Says Adios After Just One Season


Welcome home Dwight, now get the fuck out! Talk about brutal. Not even your hometown team wants you, that’s a tough pill to swallow. On top of that, they’d rather have a Plumlee! Which Plumlee is this? Is it the good one? Is there a good one? Anyway quite a ride the Dwight Howard era was if you ask me. A 5 game drop in wins (48 to 43) and a first round exit. Makes you forget that this team is just a few years removed from winning 60 games. Now with Howard gone, and Millsap definitely gone, the Hawks are finally committing to tanking which some could argue should have happened years ago.

It’s clear that Dwight is a cancer and I’m all for him staying in the East and continuing to ruin fellow Eastern Conference teams. If you’re CHA, this move makes sense because you get rid of a bad contract, only have to pay Dwight for one more year, AND you get a better pick so that’s how you know ATL truly wanted nothing to do with Dwight anymore.

What a day this was for the NBA and all of us on Twitter. One of the more fun days in a while, and again, FREE AGENCY HASN’T EVEN STARTED YET. The NBA so hot right now. The NBA.