Section 10 Podcast Episode ONE HUNDRED featuring Michael Felger

On EPISODE ONE HUNDRED of the Section 10 Podcast, we’re talking about the fact that we actually made it one hundred fucking episodes with this thing. Wild stuff. We open the show with a little trip down memory lane and talk about how much the show has evolved over the last three seasons, how bizarre it was that we got a bunch of guests to come to Pete’s basement to record the shows in 2015 and how the guests allowed us to ignore how shitty the team was that year, how we almost lost Steve as a producer/co-host, and how Section 10 even became a thing in the first place, and our Mount Rushmore of bathroom entrants.

And for our Episode 100 interview, we had to do it big, so we brought in the King of Boston Sports Media — Michael Felger. The interview starts off with me asking him what his response is when fans say “You’re not even from here” to one of his Boston sports takes, the biggest difference between newspaper guy Michael Felger and radio guy Michael Felger, his biggest regrets, how he hated being in the locker room every day, a run-in with Corey Dillon when he covered the Patriots for the Boston Herald, reflecting on the success of Felger & Mazz eight years into the show, his relationship with Cam Neely, what it’s like working with Mazz, and who he’d pick as a co-host if he couldn’t pick Mazz.

We also talk about how much he enjoys rag-dolling baseball writers on Comcast, his path to the sports media industry compared to mine, his thoughts on social media and whether or not he thinks he can do his job better because he’s not on it, his thoughts on Barstool Sports, what he thinks about podcasts, what makes him happy, how he met his wife Sara Underwood, whether or not he’s comfortable acknowledging that he’s the number one guy in the Boston media market and whether or not he even cares about having that distinction.

Down in the DM — Would you rather have Drew Pomeranz start every game this season or Pablo Sandoval sign a 10-year extension? Does bringing a scorecard to the game make you a nerd? Are the special day jerseys getting out of hand? Would you rather take ten Joe Kelly 100 MPH fastballs to the ribs, or 100 punches to the face from Andrew Benintendi? Who would you want in an alley fight –- Benintendi with a pile of baseballs, Sandoval with boxing gloves, or Johnny Steelcock Farrell with his hammer cock? Listener asks us if he should make a Dwew Pomewanz sign behind the dugout, and we talk about how Pomeranz would win Red Sox fans over if he wore “Pomewanz” on the back of his jersey for nickname weekend. Lastly, which MLB player is most likely to join Barstool after they retire?


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Felger has zero social media accounts.