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Was This The Single Biggest Hardo Move In Television History?


Yes I watch Real World. “Oh my god Big Cat you’re so fucking gay bro, if you don’t watch sports, violent movies or porn 24/7/365 you’re basically sticking a dude’s cock in your ass. Can’t believe this!”. K, happy we got that out of the way. Yes, I watch shitty reality television. It’s a hobby of mine, no different than skiing or knitting or bowling. If a television station wants to put a bunch of young idiots in a house together and film it I am in 100 out of 100 times, sue me.


Now, for the question. A little backstory is in order. Basically in this season of the Real World they had the first month or so completely normal, 7 cast members, all of them fucking etc etc, then after a few weeks they had all of their ex boyfriends/girlfriends move in. So now its 14 people all living with the people they had been fucking and their ex’s.  Anyway, this is the first day, and this is Brian, who showed up to find out his ex-girlfriend has basically been the biggest slut of all time. So what does he do? He starts box jumping random household items. So outrageously hardo I almost have no choice but to respect it. Like don’t you dare put Brian into a corner, because when you do, well then he’ll start coming up with random competitions and exercises to show the world who’s boss. And you know this wasn’t the first time he’s done this, if Brian ever feels even the slightest bit threatened he starts jumping on things. Uncle Rico throwing a football over a mountain. You can’t be a bigger hardo than this, than a guy jumping up onto random things to show how tough he is, it physically is not possible.




Stoolie Mike asked a question that I’ve been struggling with. If you’re Brian, do you always announce your box jumps or do you sometimes do sneak attack jumps. Like he obviously proved his point here but wouldn’t have been even cooler if he just jumped up on to something really high without telling anyone? “Oh shit, did Brian, yup, he did, he just jumped up on to that table”. Instant underwear slushies.


Double PS

Brian’s nipples somehow make mine look sort of normal.

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 8.24.53 AM