Tip Shaming At Restaurants Has Gotten Out Of Control


When Alexander Koury took his cats to get groomed a few weeks ago, he got a bit of a shock at the checkout counter.

The Phoenix financial planner brought his five-year-old orange tabbies Frankie and Scotch in for bathing, clipping and shaving, which cost $150. But then the payment system asked whether he wanted to tack on a healthy tip: either 20, 25 or 30 percent.

“Ridiculous,” says Koury, 36, who says it was not explained to him why he needed to tip, or whom. He was so irked, in fact, that he ended up giving no tip at all.

Traditionally, many consumers have rewarded tip-worthy service when the spirit moves them, and within a certain range: 10 percent is on the low side, 15 is fairly standard, and 20 is seen as generous.

It’s no secret that I’ve been on the world’s longest trip to Disney World. I finally go home today but I will say that eating at Disney has been rather problematic. You see, when you go to a place like Disney World, you know that you are going to be paying straight out of the ass for everything. Drinks. Food. Toys. All that bullshit costs way more than it’s actually worth. What you dont expect is the tip shaming.

These fucks at Disney start their recommendation at 20 percent. 20 Percent is a good ass tip. I usually tip 20 percent. On the receipts at some places, Disney has 40 percent calculated. FORTY PERCENT. Who on earth is tipping 40 percent on a 250 dollar meal? Not me. So when you get the receipt and you check the normal 20 percent rate at the bottom, people who don’t see the actual receipt can see you checking the lowest box which is usually 10 percent.
Tip judging is a huge thing when you’re married too. If you’re out with other couples, you know people are judging you based on how much you tip. You judge your pals too.

“Hey Jon. The fuck, dude? You only tip 16 percent, you asshole? You ever heard of a living wage? Read the Wall Street Journal for me one time. Although 15 percent is the norm, you gotta go at least to 20 percent in order for me to not judge you. You go to 22 percent and you’re safe from my slander but not until then.”