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I Weep For The CFL As They'll Never Get To Witness Vince Young


It was announced back in March that Vince Young would be taking his talents up north to play for the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the CFL. Yes, Philadelphia Eagles legend Vince Young was on his way to start up another Dream Team in Canada. But his career in the CFL never even hit REM Cycle and the dream never got started.

Obviously this sucks for Vince Young as it sounded like he was on the path to reviving his career. Everybody knows that a pit stop in the CFL is the best way to turn things around. But mostly this sucks for the good citizens of Saskatchewan. And actually for all the good citizens of Canada in general. They had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch one of the greatest to ever play. National Champion Vince Young. Michael Vick’s back-up Vince Young. That kind of talent doesn’t just grow off maple trees. Generations could pass by before the CFL ever has another opportunity to bring in a player of Vince Young’s caliber again. And it only lasted about as long as a cup of coffee because Vince Young did that thing where you do nothing for months but sit on your couch gassing beers and eating potato chips, then go try to workout again one day as if you never stopped and then end up tearing your hamstring. It’s a story as old as time.

P.S. – Kinda figured that as soon as you move up to Canada, you instantly become Hockey Tough. I’m sorry but a torn hamstring is a helluva long way from the heart. The fact that Vince Young didn’t just play through this lower body injury is questionable to say the least.