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Watching Trea Turner Run The Bases Is Just A Delight

Fox Sports - Trea Turner is really fast.

The speedy Washington Nationals shortstop swiped four, count ’em four, bases in Sunday’s game against the Mets, tying the franchise record for most stolen bases in a single game.

The last Nationals player to accomplish the feat was Marquis Grissom in 1992, against the San Francisco Giants.

Turner, 23, still has plenty of time to catch Reds outfielder Billy Hamilton, who currently leads MLB in stolen bases with 28.

Trea Turner is a real treat. Who doesn’t love this guy? He walks his neighbor’s dog when they are stuck at work late. He shovels old man River’s sidewalk when it snows in the Winter. He volunteers at his local YMCA on weekends. And then he plays baseball in between.

He’s one of those players that captivates you when he’s at the plate. He can beat out routine grounders with ease. He stretches singles into doubles on the reg. He can hit for power. His glove is pretty good. And he’s a threat to swipe a base legitimately every time he’s on first or second. Doesn’t matter if it’s a left handed hitter and he’s stealing 3rd, he’s going to beat the catcher’s throw, if there is one at all.

And yesterday, Trea swiped a Nats record 4 bags in one game. I’m not going to be shocked if he has a 5 steal game this season. He just does it so easily, it’s not even fair. If he gets a single, you might as well just expect him to end up on 3rd by the time the pitcher steps back on the mound. Now that’s he’s fully healthy, business is about to pick way up for him. If his ceiling is MVP, his basement is 10 time All Star.

PS: Those powder blues and that flow, fire flames.

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