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Anybody Else Doubting That It Was Bubba Watson On That Pastry Yesterday and Not Rory Mcllroy?


So yesterday Big Cat blogged about the guy who bet $2,000 on Rory to win the Masters after seeing his face on a Danish pastry.  The blog came up on the yesterday’s Rundown and I said I thought the face looked more like Bubba Watson and not Rory.  And low and behold who’s tearing up Augusta right now?  Bubba.  At the time of this writing he has a 4 shot lead on the field.  So I guess the lesson here is if you see the face of a professional golfer in your pastry and decide to use that as a sign for gambling, make sure you’re seeing the right golfer.  And yeah it’s only Friday and it’s Augusta and there’s obviously no guarantee Bubba is going to win he’s still in a better spot than Rory.