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Officials Found Evidence Of E. Coli In The Hydration System At Erin Hills So Things Are Going Great

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ERIN — The Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department identified E. coli bacteria in a drinking water sample collected from one hydration station near hole number 12 at the U.S. Open at Erin Hills. The station was shut off Thursday morning, June 15th — however, some visitors may have consumed water from the contaminated hydration station between Tuesday afternoon and Thursday morning. According to a news release, there has been no evidence of other water lines or hydration stations being affected and no incidences of illness reported. The championship organizers provided complimentary bottled water at the impacted hydration station for attendees throughout the day while waiting for preliminary results to be confirmed.

Things are going so great at Erin Hills so far! The actual play is actually going well so far. Much better than anyone expected. It’s actually a little disappointing so far if we’re being honest. Leading up to the US Open me and Riggs talked a lot about how we want to see carnage. That’s what makes the US Open so much fun and so much different than other golf tournaments. The USGA tries to turn the screws on the players and make it extremely difficult. It hasn’t worked so far. Outside the actual tournament play itself though? CHAOS! MASS CHAOS! Blimps blowing up all over the place and now E. coli poisoning the water system. I kinda love it (unless someone dies, then this blog never happened). Would I rather the guys playing be experiencing metaphorical blimp explosions and e. coli water? Yeah I would. But I’ll take some off course madness while that’s not happening. Stay hot, US Open. Stay hot.