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Internet Launches Massive Manhunt After Popular Twitch Gamer Goes Missing - Turns Out She Just Went To A Casino For The Day To Disconnect And Unwind

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HEAVYA manhunt spurred by social media was launched for popular Twitch streamer and gamer Tia “Laura Lania” Zimmer when she was reported missing after attending a party at the E3 Conference in Los Angeles on.

The search came to an end hours later when Zimmer confirmed via Twitter video that she was OK and simply decided to spend the day at a casino.

Before that, though, a friend posted to Twitter at 7:45 p.m. EDT on June 15 urging the E3 community to help find her after she hadn’t been heard from following the “Twitch Mixer” the night before.

Zimmer, who hosts broadcasts on the streaming service, was first reported missing when her friends hadn’t heard from her after the party in the LA area. She never returned back to the hotel where she was staying at, her friends said.

Late in the evening June 15, Zimmer tweeted that she was fine and her “phones” were dead the entire time. Her tweets indicated that she was in a casino and just wanted to disconnect and relax for a day. She added that she had “no idea” there was a massive search out to locate her.

Life goals – be so popular and well liked that if you don’t go on social media for 24 hours the internet literally launches a manhunt looking for you.  Calls in family and friends and the god damn police department to track down your whereabouts.  I mean I’ve never heard of Laura Lania because I’m not big into the gaming world, but Jesus…a lot of people sure have!

To the point where, when she did make contact after spending some time at the tables, people actually didn’t believe it was her and thought she was hacked and demanded a picture or secondhand confirmation to prove it was really her and that she was safe.

Guess that’s just life as an internet celeb in 2017.  They’re always telling you hey, take some time off from your phone, you need it for your mental health, disconnect for a little bit and be part of the real world.

They don’t tell you this will cause all your gamer fans to have a meltdown and call the FBI in because they think you’re hogtied in a damp basement somewhere then get internet sleuths analyzing your pictures to see if you’re lying about where you are.

People demanding copies of her bank statements to prove she was actually gambling.

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Starting conspiracy theories that she was out cheating on her husband.

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Seems a lot more stressful than just being glued to your phone screen at all times.  In my opinion.

Glad she’s safe and sound.