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Welcome To The Heartland: Digs

To be honest with y’all, I do not know Digs real first, or last name. I have never heard him called anything other than Tactical Digs or Digs. Pat probably doesn’t even know it either, and they grew up together on the same mean street in Pittsburgh. Some tasty tidbits about Digs relationship with Pat, he used to hold Pat’s balls in high school, (he tells me footballs, I think what you guys are thinking also) and Pat used to drive him to high school until he got his license. That being said, with a background in sales Digs has proven to be a large asset when it has come to the construction of Barstool Heartland. 

IMG_0771(This photo was from their high school prom and yes, Guy Fieri DEFINITELY stole Pat’s haircut)

“I was in sales for about six years out of school,” said Digs. “I sold payroll, human resources, and time tracking technology to large companies.”

Digs had always been a fan of Barstool Sports and actually contacted Pat asking if “Pardon My Take” needed a new intern. About a month before Pat announced his retirement, he called Digs and asked if he still wanted to work for Barstool. Around the same time Digs got that call from Pat, he had landed a very good consulting gig with American Express.

“I was questioning if I should come out here and work for Barstool,” said Digs. “Then I got to talking to people close to me, and I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t take this great chance.”

So off to Indianapolis Digs went to follow his dream of working for Barstool Sports. Here at the Heartland, Digs works with the advertisers and sponsors. He works with the New York office to coordinate meetings with our incoming sponsors, as well as working with local advertisers for events such as the Indy 500 and our Live at 9 show.

“I think the podcast is our monster, that is our bread and butter right now,” said Digs. “I think it’s huge that the interns are here now because we can start doing things like Live @ 9 and other content pieces that we couldn’t do before. The Stoolies have been waiting for content from the Heartland and we now have the ability to deliver other than the podcast. The office being finished is going to be great for our future.”

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Written by @JakeBass657