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Man Sentenced To Death For Facebook Posts In Pakistan


CNNA Pakistan government crackdown on freedom of speech online has reached worrying new levels, activists say, after a young man was sentenced to death over a series of Facebook posts.

On Saturday, 30-year-old Taimoor Raza became the first person to receive a death sentence in a Pakistan anti-terrorism court for “using derogatory remarks … in respect of the Holy Prophet” on social media.

Glad to see the world is coming around on Facebook posters. Fuck these people. For years and years and years we let them run wild. We let them get away with it. We let them dictate the conversation and then carry on that conversation with themselves. We let them annoy the fuck out of everyone, everyday, over every topic. For years we saw a problem and offered no solution.

But not anymore. Actually, North Korea paved the way. Kim Jong Un’s half brother was posting shit they didn’t like on Facebook so the North Koreans straight up assassinated him at the airport. Next up? Pakistan. You hit post on that Facebook status the government doesn’t like in Pakistan? Death sentence. Boom roasted. Literally (electric chair joke). Harsh but necessary.

And I have to add one other thing. If you post derogatory stuff about the holy prophet in Pakistan and expect it to end well you’re an idiot. You’re dumb. You’re a dead person. You don’t mess with that shit there. That’s like running down Martin Luther King Jr. Street waving the Confederate Flag. Won’t end well. If I go to Pakistan I’m all in on Islam until I leave that place. Snake it ’til you survive it. Gotta walk on religious eggshells over there.

PS — Serious note: It’s probably wrong to sentence one to death for a Facebook post.