Lonzo Ball's New Foot Locker Ad Did The Impossible, Made Me Like The Ball Family

“That special time your dad copyrights your name, to make it a part of a family lifestyle brand”

I hate to outright blog ads but occasionally it’s deserved and this is most definitely one of those times. The impossible has been done, I actually like the Ball family now. At bare minimum I am at least rooting for Lonzo in the NBA, something his Dad had ruined for me many months ago. Just an absolute perfect stroke of self awareness and comedy. Guys talking about fishing and beautiful times with their fathers and Lonzo talking about Lavar telling 29 out of 30 teams to not bother drafting him. This was better than any SNL skit in the past 5 years. Perfect. Let’s just hope they were in on the joke because there is an outside chance Lonzo didn’t even know it was supposed to be funny, just talked honestly about all his favorite experiences with his dad and most revolve around challenging Stephen A Smith to a fight and pissing off the National Media. Big Baller Brand For Life