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Nerd Alert: Eagle Scout Earns All 137 Merit Badges


Becoming an Eagle Scout is tough, but earning every single merit badge – 137 in all – is nearly unheard of.

Ty Bingham, an 18-year-old El Dorado Hills resident, is believed to be the first scout from the Sacramento region to obtain every official merit badge.

Out of more than 1 million scouts in the Boy Scouts of America, fewer than 18 earn every merit badge per year, according to the registry site Each merit badge requires a scout to demonstrate multifaceted knowledge of a certain subject to a merit counselor, an adult experienced in the area.

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I get the appeal of being an Eagle Scout. Lighting fires. Selling cookies. Learning about the forest. Using a compass. All of those things are bad ass. But you only need 21, my good bitch. Ty, you went 116 more than you needed. Wait until KFC hears about this shit. He’s gonna be absolutely sick. The snake-it-til-you-make-it king will have a fucking fit when he sees Ty’s sash of merit strung over the fence like a badge of honor.

Look. Getting all those badges is impressive. But he got 137 badges and doesnt know how to sew? Bro. Your dad sews your merit badges on. Embarrassing. Learn to sew like a real man, nerd. Disgusting.

No disrespect to Eagle Scouts.