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From the side!

Benjamin Lee McAdoo, you dog you! Dropping the freshest haircut these eyes have ever seen with no warning like a bolt of lightning on a sunny day. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the old haircut. Actually I loved the old haircut. But Benny is a football genius. He knows changes needed to be made to get further than the Wild Card round. I hate Pat Riley with all my heart, but you can’t argue with his track record of success. Someone tell Welker we need to fire up the tshirt machine because Benny With The Great Hair shirts need to hit the printing press ASAP.

Also I can’t lie, I am leaving a door open for the theory that Benny has been reading his press clippings of being last year’s NFL Rookie Coach of the Year and this is his inner Gordon Bombay coming out. Perhaps a Wild Thing Vaughn in Major League 2 moment. Too much success too soon. But then I see Benny in full jumpsuit and realize Benny is too addicted to the game to let some success and a haircut change him. All the haircut did was make bunch of pants around the country tight/moist while also taking Odell’s first day at training camp off the backpages of tomorrow’s New York tabloids. Dude eats, drinks and bleeds humility and football.

Minnesota here we come! Hopefully the 2nd Barstool Super Bowl party’s artist is as good as Ja Rule, because the weather certainly won’t be as good as in Houston.

Oh yeah and I can’t wait to see what Madden McAdoo looks like. Last year was a legit masterpiece.

“When you see your real life counterpart’s fire new hairdo”


Your move EA graphic designers. Try not to fuck up the modern day Mona Lisa in your video game.

And make sure to buy a shirt for when the original hair comes back. And if it doesn’t, these become collectors items.