The Big Cat Diet





So a bunch of people have been asking me for details on my diet to win the Super Bowl bet so I thought I would share.


First, let’s get one thing out of the way. Anyone who thinks I cheated is a moron. Was I smart in my weight loss to give me every opportunity to lose max weight? Yes. Did I cheat? Absolutely not. Feits even said off camera he doesn’t think I cheated. When I weighed in at 231 lbs that was real. Now I fully admit I had quite the weekend leading up to weigh in. Hit the Horseshoe Buffet about a million times on Saturday and basically ate while full on Sunday. 231 was absolutely inflated by some unhealthy weekend eating/drinking, I never once denied that. Why wouldn’t I add last second weight that would come off easier in the first few days of the diet? To not do that would be foolish.


Now as for the diet, it went in 3 parts.


Step 1

Juice. The first 3 days I went on a green juice diet. It was basically the worst thing possible. You drink juice, your stomach hurts, and you pee out of your ass. It fucking sucks, but if you can be mentally tough about it, it will definitely kick start your diet and basically shed 10 pounds of excess water and garbage you have stored in your system. By that first friday I was already down to about 222.


Step 2

This is the hard part, this is actual weight loss that takes time and isn’t easy. Now if you’ve never heard of Tim Ferris I highly recommend checking him out, especially his 20 lbs in 30 days diet.  I used that as a base with some modifications (no cheat day, very little meat). Basically every day looked like this.

Breakfast – Beans

Lunch – Salad no dressing (just green vegetables)

Dinner – Salad no dressing (just green vegetables) and occasionally a piece of fish.

That was it. Very low in sodium, just enough calories to basically keep your body going. I won’t sugarcoat this either, it fucking sucked. I knew I had limited time so I took this diet to the extreme. When I say I didn’t cheat I really mean I didn’t cheat. Not one single thing I ate in those 20 days was bad for me. Not a peanut, not a chip, not a sweet, not alcohol, or red meat, or anything. It was the blandest most miserable eating you could imagine but it works. By the tuesday before weigh in I was at about 210.



Step 3 – Wrestler/Boxing weight cutting.

I’m kind of baffled that people can’t grasp the concept on this last one. High School wrestlers do it all the time. Do you understand how much water you keep in your body at any given time? Eliminating 6-7 pounds on the final 2 days isn’t some crazy trick. It’s pretty simple actually. You don’t eat and you don’t drink. On my birthday, thursday, I had one sip of water when I brushed my teeth and about 5 pieces of gums, that was it. From Wednesday morning to Friday morning I dropped 7 pounds. Now obviously I gained it back almost immediately just from rehydrating but why wouldn’t I do that? Why wouldn’t I try to get all the water out of my body? Even on Friday morning, after 2 days of drinking next to nothing I still sweated out 1.5 lbs of water at the gym in my sauna suit. Your body retains so much water weight, I would have been a fool to not try to get rid of every last ounce before a weigh in bet.



So that was it. The last 6-7 lbs came back on, but the other pounds were real. I’m weighing in at around 212 now. If you get extremely strict it’s absolutely possible. I chose not go to the gym and walked instead because I know that lifting would replace the fat with muscle. Now that we’re done I will actually try to work out but for the actual weight loss challenge I took drastic measures. If you think I cheated you probably are also a fat person that has convinced themselves they are big boned and can never lose weight. It’s not easy, not by a long shot, but it’s also completely possible if you get mentally tough.