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Pro Trump Shirts And Slogans Photoshopped Out Of New Jersey High School Yearbook



SourceStudents at Wall Township High School in Wall, New Jersey, were surprised to see that pictures of fellow students wearing clothes bearing President Donald Trump’s name and slogan had been altered in the school’s yearbook. The students—one wore a sweater-vest with the president’s name on it; another who wore a T-shirt inscribed with “Trump Make America Great Again”—appeared in the yearbook, but their pro-Trump slogans had been erased from the photos.

Wall Township District Superintendent Cheryl Dyer has launched an investigation into why the slogans were removed from the photos, Kim Keator, Dyer’s executive secretary, confirmed to CBS on Monday. Keator said the teacher who served as the yearbook adviser had been suspended in connection with the Photoshopped images. The teacher’s name has not yet been released.

Montana Dobrovich-Fago had issued a Trump quote to be displayed under her class-president photo in the yearbook. However, the quote had been swapped out for one by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

People are so dumb. What was this photoshopper’s thought process here? He think people wouldn’t notice? Buddy, these kids repped the most hot button issue/person on earth right now. When people rock Trump merch on picture day they’re not doing it so no one notices. They’re not doing it because they were down to the last shirt in the rotation. They’re not doing it because mom couldn’t get around to laundry fast enough this week. It’s picture day in high school. You’ve got that date circled months in advance. You’re rocking your Trump gear to make a statement… and Mr. Photoshop here is erasing it to make a statement. Everybody knows it. Of course people (the entire country now) is going to notice. Very stupid and, notably, very unAmerican.

Now, as a vest guy, I have to comment on this dude.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.08.36 AM

Every sign in the world tells me this kid is a gigantic douchebag and I LOVE it. I don’t respect everything about this look. Not because I’d be caught dead hanging out with this kid or talking to him for 30 seconds about literally anything in the world, but because it’s such a fuck you look. A fuck you look that he was blatantly going for. Trump vest? In the yearbook pic? And in this Fox appearance?

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 11.12.04 AM

This kid wakes up solely to trigger people. Lives and breathes to trigger people. Spends every second at school and every on the internet trolling liberals. Based on everything above, mission absolutely accomplished.

PS — How about this being the Trump quote the chick chose? Maybe the most classic, vague, elementary Donnie quote there is.

“I like thinking big. If you’re going to be thinking anything, you might as well think big. By Donald Trump,” Dobrovich-Fago recalled the quote when speaking with ABC’s local affiliate in New York.