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Nats First Round Pick Seth Romero Was Kicked Off His College Team Twice For Weed And Fighting

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Oh let’s gooooooo. Last night, the Nationals made the best pick in the history of the draft, selecting LHP Seth Romero from the University of Houston. Why is he so great? Well, let me tell you!

And what were those things that got him kicked off the team???

Washington Post - As a sophomore, he was suspended for what was officially called “conduct detrimental to the team.” The Houston Chronicle reported that suspension largely stemmed from “a lack of effort regarding conditioning,” a problem Romero seemed to have rectified when he arrived for his junior season 40 pounds lighter. He was named a preseason all-American and the Cougars’ Opening Day starter.

But Romero ran into trouble again this season, when he was suspended for most of the month of April for what was officially referred to as “a violation of team rules” while the Cougars were on a trip to the University of Central Florida. The Chronicle reported that he was suspended, in part, because of a failed drug test, in which he tested positive for marijuana. Just more than a week later, the University of Houston dismissed him from the team, which Chronicle Cougars beat reporter Joseph Duarte reported was due to a fight with another player.

What a beast. Big Sexy Jr from one of Bartolo’s secret families. Punching bitches, smoking weed, doing whatever he wants.

And the best news is he could be called up today and be the best option out of the Nats trash bullpen, who blew ANOTHER game last night. That’s now 11 blown saves for the Nats, who still have an 8.5 game lead in the East (shout out to the Mets for 13 blown saves, what a disaster). If the Nats had any bullpen, any bullpen whatsoever, they’d already have clinched.

Dusty is none too pleased:

What can he do? He has Oli Perez (4.97 ERA), Joe Blanton (8.78 ERA), Blake Treinen (6.33 ERA), Shawn Kelley (7.16 ERA) and Koda Glover (5.12 ERA) as his options. The only reliable option this year has been Matt Fucking Albers. MATT ALBERS. It’s crazytown. The Nats need to make a move in the worst way. They are so, so, so lucky the NL East is so bad they can skate by, but this bullpen is taking this team absolutely nowhere in October.