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A New Jersey Town's Mayor Is Trying To Get A 3rd Grade Teacher Fired For Using The Crying Jordan Meme On His Campaign Poster On Facebook After He Lost His Re-Election Bid

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The Daily DotThe Crying Jordan meme has made its way into local New Jersey politics, and the mayor of a small township who lost his reelection bid is pissed for getting dunked on online.

On election day, the day Cinnaminson Mayor Anthony Minniti was beaten in the Republican primary, somebody placed the Crying Jordan over the face of Minniti on one of his campaign flyers and posted it on the private Cinnaminson Friends & Neighbors Facebook page.

According to the Burlington County Times, Minniti called the post “inflammatory, outrageous rhetoric.

“Obviously, I’m disgusted by this post, but sadly not surprised,” Minniti told the newspaper. “It was only a matter of time before someone took this mob like behavior too far, and this is definitely too far. Hate has no place in Cinnaminson, and this needs to be treated with the seriousness it warrants.”

I’m so, SO curious what Mayor (excuse me, ex-Mayor) Minniti thinks the Crying Jordan face means.  Just such an incredibly bizarre overreaction that there has to be some major mixup with his understanding of the Crying Jordan?  Makes no sense whatsoever.   “Mob like behavior.”  “Too far.”  “Hate.”  “The seriousness it warrants.”  “Disgusting.”

Bro – it’s a crying Michael Jordan face.

You’re for real trying to get a 3rd grade teacher fired for hate speech?

But the alleged poster of the meme might be in trouble, because she’s a local third-grade teacher. The school superintendent has taken notice.

“I did receive the post, and it is being given its due attention,” Beverly Superintendent Elizabeth Giacobbe said. “However, as it is a personnel matter, I cannot comment more than that.”

Neuman found the altered photo being posted on Facebook unacceptable.

“Yes, I have been educated now about the Crying Jordan,” she said. “I don’t care if it’s a meme; it’s completely inappropriate, especially for a school teacher to post.”

Minniti said he doesn’t know the resident who posted the meme other than what he has seen on her Facebook profile. But he found her actions unacceptable given her position as a teacher and a “sad commentary about some in our town.”

Minniti said the teacher’s post was a “sad commentary about some in our town.”

Does this poor guy really not have on person on staff that can pull him aside and clarify that Crying Jordan is actually not a swastika or burning cross or something?  It’s a harmless internet meme?

I’ll agree that it’s offensive slightly, but only because of the timing – everybody knows Crying Jordan has kind of played itself out at this point.  Lasted longer than most everything else lasts on the internet but its time has come and gone.  It’s been relegated to the depths of old-people internet, places where…well, I guess places where elementary school teachers are posting on politics Facebook pages.

But as far as “sad commentary on society” I think I’d chill out on that.  It’s loser takes like that that get you Crying Jordan’ed in the first place.

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