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Four Burger King Employees Beating Down A Crazy Customer Is The Best Teamwork You Will See Today

Come at the King’s men you best not miss! A little word of advice to anyone that is thinking about raising hell at this Burger King. You better bring your A Game. Don’t be limping around with a broken leg like Willis Reed as you go crazy and start throwing registers around. Because these employees don’t play that shit. You can tell this isn’t their first tussle together by the way they put this gimpy motherfucker through the BK carwash effortlessly. That kind of teamwork doesn’t formulate overnight. The Warriors don’t even operate this smoothly when everything is clicking. Such a seamless transition from The Boxer to Stand On You Guy to Tazer Lady to the Slap Master 3000 closing things out and stealing the whole damn show. Poetry in motion.

Actually I don’t think the Slap Master 3000 is even an employee. He’s like Kevin Durant. He saw the other three were having so much fun that he wanted to join in. Probably filled out an application right then and there to join the squad. These four are like Planeteers from Captain Planet. Individually they are strong, but when you combine their powers, magic truly happens.


h/t Daily Cruise