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Rugby Dude Jumps SKY HIGH By Using An Opponent As A Launching Pad

How scared do you think he was on the way down? Had to feel like one of those dreams where you fall from a higher-than-expected height. Except it actually happened. Also, remember the episode of Rocket Power where Otto does the Super McVariel 900 but it’s aided by a tennis ball getting shot out of a lawn mower? That’s what that rugby play reminded me of. Dude got SKY HIGH thanks to the help of another player. Used him like a goddamn launching pad. You could even say I decided to blog that video so I could sneak in a Rocket Power reference. There could be some truth to that. I take up any opportunity to talk about old-but-awesome shows like Rocket Power or Hey Arnold or Rugrats.  That’s right in my wheelhouse. So yeah that video of the rugby dude flying 50 feet into the air was dope but I just wanted to remind everyone how awesome Rocket Power was. Have a blessed Monday.