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12-Year-Old Girl Helps Deliver Her Baby Brother, Seems Thrilled About It

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NYP- It was quite the learning experience in a Mississippi hospital when a 12-year-old helped deliver her newborn brother. Dede Carraway was getting ready to give birth to her third child in Jackson, Miss., Tuesday, when her doctor, Walter Wolfe, noticed the mom’s oldest child, 12-year-old daughter Jacee, eagerly watching the process in the delivery room, right next to her mother. Dr. Wolfe then asked if Jacee wanted to join in – and help him deliver her new baby brother. Jacee, eager and excited, agreed. The doctor helped Jacee throughout the entire birth and even allowed her to cut the umbilical cord.

Whyyyyyyyyyyyyy? Why would you ever put your kid through that hellish nightmare? I don’t fault the little girl at all. She had no idea what she was getting herself into. She was simply asked if she wanted to greet her baby brother. No way could she know she was gonna be covered in blood and baby goo. This on the parents. Those kids should be taken away from them ASAP. They clearly have no sense of judgement. I’m a grown adult and I’m still not on board to watch a woman give birth. I’m still not emotionally ready for that. I probably never will be. Back in high school they tried to show us the video of the lady giving birth and I closed my eyes as tight as possible. Can you imagine seeing that as a 12-year-old? That’s a scar for life. Look at her face! That is the face of regret. That is the face of innocence lost. That is the face of someone who will never be the same. That is the face of someone who is going to hate her baby brother forever cause of what she just saw. Such a bad idea.