Sidney Crosby (Possibly Racist Scumbag) Cleans PK Subban's Breath With The Ice

I mean, wow. By now we’ve all seen and heard the back-and-forth banter between PK Subban and Sidney Crosby. But for Sid to go on a violent rampage like this and viciously slam Subban’s face against the ice? That’s borderline criminal behavior. Right in front of the ref, no less, and he gets away scot free. Just another prime example of the NHL giving their golden boy some preferential treatment. The same way Crosby has been able to slash guys in the dick this year with no consequences, and slash guys in the hand so hard that he actually chopped one of their fingers off. Sidney Crosby is a deranged lunatic and it is time we do something about it. Trump needs to step in here and send this son of a bitch to Guantanamo Bay. At the very least, he needs to deport this illegal alien right away. Enough is enough, people. Innocent lives are in danger here.

(I’d just like it to be known that if this were any other player besides Crosby, it would have just been good ol’ fashion Playoff Hockey)

P.S. – Here’s the 1st period recap if you’re a Nashville fan.