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Bubba Watson Is Such A Nerd

So this happened last night and I missed it. I missed it because I was sleeping cause these NBA Finals games start at like midnight. They start and end so late. That’s a long time to stay up when you know who’s gonna win the game. Anyway. My boy/archnemesis Bubba Watson showed up outta nowhere and in the nerdiest way possible. Just stumbling onto Steph Curry’s postgame interview like the goddamn idiot that he is. He’s such a fucking nerd. He’s so awkward too. What a weird way to photobomb an interview. He didn’t even have anything interesting to say. He honestly just sounded like a stoner. What are you doing mannnnnnnnn. Um they’re doing a postgame interview, Bubba. Get lost. Not to mention can you imagine what Bubba would do to a fan who interrupted his post round interview? He would murder them and shoot them into the sun. God I hate him.