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Kevin Durant's Three Right In Lebron's Eyeball All But Ends The Finals

Love or hate the Warriors, you have to respect that shot. With an opportunity to end this series Durant saw an opening and effectively ended this series right in Lebron’s eyeball. In a game that will be an all time classic, with all time performances from Kyrie and Lebron, it was all for nothing. That shot by Durant right there is as cold blooded as it gets. As great as Lebron played, he gave a half a step too much cushion and that’s a wrap. The one thing we hadn’t seen from Durant yet this series was a high pressure situation. Would he come through? Yes. The answer to that question was obviously going to be yes. This game is essentially why playing the Warriors is impossible. It’s hard to have a better performance than what CLE just turned in, and at the end of the day it wasn’t enough. It didn’t matter what the deficit was, you can’t say you ever felt comfortable. Then poor late game execution leads to your eventual death. What a shot, what a game, too bad it’s coming to an end so soon