Man "Accidentally" Kills Son Over Biscuits and Gravy Dispute

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IndyStar- An Indianapolis man who fatally shot his son in 2015 was sentenced to probation, Fox59 reported. Police say Fred Fleener III, 46, got into an argument with his son Fred Fleener IV, 22, on November 14, 2015 inside their home over biscuits and gravy.

During the argument, police say Fleener III shot his son in the chest. Fleener IV was transported to Eskenazi Hospital, and he died while undergoing surgery.

Fleener III was arrested and charged with voluntary manslaughter and reckless homicide. He later accepted a plea deal, and the voluntary manslaughter charge was dropped. On Tuesday, he was sentenced to two years of probation for reckless homicide.

What a wild fucking story this one is. One of the more obnoxious things to come out of the Midwest in awhile. Now I’ve had a countless number of heated arguments with my Pops that have nearly resulted in us coming to blows, and taken my fair share of smacks that I deserved. But one thing we almost always agree on is breakfast food… both huge skillet guys. That’s what boggles my mind about this. How the hell do you get in an argument over biscuits and gravy that escalates into shooting your own son? Were they undercooked and too doughy or overcooked and too tough? Too much gravy or too little gravy? Not enough sausage links in there? Any of those would be suitable excuses to overturn a table at Denny’s and raise some hell. Committing “reckless homicide” is a bit of a stretch. You want some advice on how to react to poorly prepared food? Ask Jake LaMotta:

Two years probation seems like quite the slap on the wrist for the crime committed. People getting locked up for 5 years for blowing some chron, this fella kills his son and has to wear an ankle bracelet and pick up trash next to the highway. What a fucking world we’re living in.

Written by @TSchmit23