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Penguins Fans Are So Insecure They're Now Claiming Nashville Is Amplifying Their Crowd Noise

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 1.58.47 PM – I’m convinced the Bridgestone Arena is using the PA to amp crowd noise. Facts–the arena plays warm-up and in-game music at 110-112dbs, as measured by my own device. At the height of the crowd mania in Game 4, I believe my radio trained ears heard the pops and cracks of over-modulation. Lastly, the sound levels are never shown in the arena, unlike every other arena in which I’ve covered games.

Why would the “record holder” not show the sound level? The loudest the sound meter (on my iPhone) hit was about 114dbs. 114 is a great number and the crowd is engaged for a full 60 minutes. People don’t leave 10 minutes early to hit the bars or beat traffic. However, I believe I call “bunk” on the 130dbs claim, at least achieved organically. However, the Predators are welcome to prove it.

And then you yinzers turn around and wonder why everybody hates you. For the love of God. The city of Nashville has been crushing it all playoffs long. I get that maybe it’s gone a bit overboard in how much the hockey world is riding Nashville’s fanbase but they’ve earned every bit of respect they’ve gotten this year. They are loud, they know their shit, they have the chants on lock and they’re new to all of this so nobody has had the time to start hating them yet. If the Predators manage to make it back to the Stanley Cup Final next year, then public opinion is obviously going to turn and people are going to be talking about the Nashville crowd with the same amount of contempt as they have for the 12th man. But for now? Everybody loves Nashville and everybody is going to be rooting for the 8-seed over the reigning Stanley Cup Champions. It’s so fucking simple to figure out.

Yet for some reason Pittsburgh fans can’t accept it. They are so insecure about how much love Nashville is getting and can’t seem to understand why nobody wants to see them win again. And like Feits said perfectly yesterday, it’s turned them into the whiniest bunch of bitches on the planet. So much so that this dork and his “radio trained ears” feels the need to question the validity of their crowd noise.


I’ve never needed anything more than I need the Preds to win this thing in 6. It would be beautiful to watch them win right in Pittsburgh stupid mayo-filled faces in game 7. But the city of Nashville deserves to see their team win the cup in their home barn. And then record the sound levels, print that number out on a piece of paper, crumble that piece of paper into a little ball, and shove it right up Dan Kingerski’s ass.