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Sasha Banks And Summer Rae Think The Logo For WWE's Next PPV "Great Balls Of Fire" Looks Like A Dick And Balls (It Does)

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Does the Great Balls Of Fire logo look like a dick and balls? Yes, confirmed.

Should Sasha Banks and Summer Rae be bringing that up publicly while they’re both trying to get pushes? No, probably not.

Other than the fact that Samoa Joe and Brock Lesnar are main eventing this show, everything about it sucks. The name is the worst there’s ever been. The commercial is the worst there’s ever been. The theme is the worst there’s ever been. Worst of all, as I’ve noted, it’s on my birthday, which means I’ll almost definitely be watching this with non wrestling fan friends and family, giving me some ‘splaining to do. I mean, look at this fucking commercial:

There’s no doubt in my mind that Vince McMahon just heard that song for the first time and is convinced that it’s the next big hit. He thinks it’ll bring back the swing rock era and he’ll be the first one onto it! Literally any other name for this pay per view would be better. The initials are GBOF. Let’s extend that and call it Gee Boff. WWE Gee Boff. It’s WAY less embarrassing as a wrestling fan.

The only thing that’ll salvage this is if the hashtag for the event is #WWEBalls. I have no faith in them however, because the Clash of Champions hashtag was NOT #WWECoC.