I'm Not Sure I Follow This Chick's Point About Getting Her Ass Eaten

I need someone to explain this to me. This girl made a sign, showed up to a game, and let the world know number 35 ate her booty like it was the last meal on Earth?

Congrats to number 35!!!!!

This princess trying to ass eat shame number 35 has it so backwards it hurts. I hate to break it to her, but not only is ass eating perfectly acceptable, it’s encouraged. We’re in 2017. If you aren’t getting a midnight snack of ass before bed, you might as well go back to Pre-K.

Because while she’s holding that sign in the crowd, number 35 is in the dugout getting highfives from all his teammates. Because a girl who likes a tongue in her booty….well, she likes a lot other things in there too. He’s in the dugout like “yep, I ate that girl’s ass and then did _______  and ______ and even ________ (list unspeakable things here). They’re like “wait, with the plunger and the candle and the…and he just cuts them off and goes “yep, even that”.