Howard Stern Ripped Fore Play And The #JJO Movement This Morning

So the Fore Play boys made our Howard Stern debut this morning. An entire segment dedicated to the golf podcast and growing the game and our loyal listeners. To our fans’ relentless commitment to having their voices heard. And of course by all that I mean Stern called us cuntheads and douchebags and said he hates us and that JJO is stupid.

And you know what? He’s absolutely right. JJO is unbelievably stupid. If you actually care about it you’re an idiot. Bababooey is also incredibly stupid. Caring about it or caring that you nurtured it is incredibly stupid. Who gives a flying fuck what annoying patrons yell at golf tournaments? Sounds like Howard needs to, wait for it, just jerk off. I can’t think of a subtler way to say it.

To be honest, it’s a pretty bizarre battle to fight. Seems pretty contrived. Is Howard Stern really that upset that Riggs and Trent said bababooey is old and lame and prefer JJO? I doubt it. Point is, the entire thing is dumb. It’s at best something very elementary to laugh at. There were some JJOs at The Players — I laughed.

Those were organic. I guess maybe Howard is getting golf-yell-cucked?

PS — “Subtler” is a comparative adjective, dumbass.