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Whoever Broke Into David Spade's House And Stole His Safe Needs To Be Hit In The Head With A Tack Hammer

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Page 6 - It would appear that no celebrity’s belongings are safe in the City of Angels anymore.

David Spade is the latest Hollywood figure to fall victim to burglars after his Beverly Hills home was robbed over the weekend, reports TMZ.

The thieves reportedly took a safe chock full of $80,000 worth of cash and jewels, including a wedding ring belonging to the 52-year-old actor’s mother.

According to the website, Spade’s house is protected by a security system but unfortunately the culprits were able to disable it.


Danggggg. That’s some awful news. You never want to wake up and see one of your hero’s house got broken into and his valuables stolen. If David Spade isn’t safe, than are any of us? Why would someone want to steal from David Spade? Has he made you laugh too much? Provided you with too much joy? Are you jealous because he’s fucked too many models? That has to be it because otherwise it just doesn’t add up.

David Spade is a national treasure. All his sketches on SNL, and then his movies like Tommy Boy, Joe Dirt, Almost Heroes, Black Sheep, MF’ing Emperor’s New Groove- and someone decided to thank him by taking $80,000 in cash and jewels? For shame. This guy was Chris Farley’s best friend for Pete’s sake! If they find whoever did this, we need to repeatedly hit them in the head with a tack hammer. It’s just a disgusting act and I will not rest until tonight when I go to sleep until they find and hammer whoever did this.

PS: I will never not watch Tommy Boy 100% of the time it’s on TV