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Pornhub Released A List Of The Most Common Typos Made On Their Site And I’m Appalled


This map pisses me off way more than it should and it’s not even because my name is nowhere to be found. I can understand misspelling Hentai or getting so excited for some girl-girl that you don’t spell out all of Lesbian. But who are all of these amateurs going to a porn site and typing PORN into the search bar?? I realize anyone on the site is likely already sporting boner-brain, but… really? You already typed “porn” when you put in the URL. There’s literally nothing you can search that won’t result in porn. Go ahead, try it – try “Euclidean Geometry.” See? Porn.

The only logical explanations here are:

1. Pornhub got it wrong. People with teen fantasies were trying to spell PROM.

2. There are more 8 year olds on Pornhub than we care to admit.

It’s probably the latter, but I’m gonna ignore that and go shoot more porn so that I can one day be misspelled enough to make this list.